Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can order SBRPAD for the 3" bars, WERPAD for the 4" oval bars, WBRPAD for the 5" bars and WE6RPAD for the 6" bars.
Yes, generic brackets are included with our lights that will work with most stud mounted applications.
Most lights are provided with a quick connect plug. You will need to order the harness with a switch and relay part number w4800 for a single light or W4802 for a pair of lights.
It depends on the part. Our class 3 ball mounts have a rating of 5K towing and 500lb tongue weight, and our class 5 ball mounts are rated up to 15,000 lb towing and 1,500 trailer tongue weight.
Standard wiring. Please visit our winch section for more information.
Yes, our winches with Synthetic rope come with a Hawse fairlead. A roller fairlead is provided with our winches that come with wire rope.
Our glasspack mufflers are very aggressive in tone, Our high flow and performance line of mufflers are more of a rich deep performance sound.
W226 and W225 are rated at 17,500lb and the W235 and W236 are rated at 16,000lb.
Steel bodies are recommended not over 300 pounds.
Our cradle is designed to work with all CSI winches. Weight rating is determined by your vehicle.
Our sidebars are made of T304 Stainless Steel.
Yes, it will work with any winch with an in/out power connection.
Beam distance is different for each light. Please visit our lighting section for more information.
Yes, vehicle specific mounting brackets are included with each application.


We do not offer an extended warranty on our products but we do stand behind what we sell. Please contact the store you purchased the item from and we can discuss the specific failure in more detail to determine the best course of action.
We do not have a repair facility for out of warranty winches at this time.

Other Questions

Please contact your CSI salesperson if you wish to advertise our products on your web page and they can discuss it further with you. If you do not have a salesperson please call us at 1-800-426-0950 or contact us today.
Yes, our products have multiple countries of origin. Our mufflers are made in the USA for example. Other products are manufactured overseas in an effort to provide a better value for you and your customer.